BSMOD Changelog


v0.5.9a -- 2021.04.04

- item_foodcrate added
- item_food added
- Added ragdoll cleanup
- g_ragdoll_max_count default bumped up to 32, and will now save instead of being temporary. This command also takes into account of raggibs
- Added missing GeneralEcchi's particles
- Separated particles files

- Combineguard now immune to MegaPhyscannon primary/secondary attacks
- Zombie torsos now take 2x more damage cause they shouldn't be that thick
- Zombie torsos now bleed as part of their lives
- Increased knockback when kicking Zombie torsos

- Fixed mapadd instant_trig not working with no origin specified
- Fixed headcrab convulsions allowing them to experience dreams of flight after death
- Fixed player's arms/legs reverting back to citizen after load/death
- Fixed npc_turret_floor death stacking
- Fixed NPCs duplicating ragdolls on death when megacannon is enabled (console enabled still causes problems though)

- Added missing sounds for weapon_alyxgun
- Added missing textures for weapon_physgun
- Added missing sounds for weapon_physgun

- New Map: ep1_c17_02b
- Re-enabled food on all maps. converted lunchboxes to item_foodcrate.
- Removed duplicate suspicious package.
- Removed some foods at level start.
- fixed commenting error -__-


v0.5.8a -- 2021.04.02

New Base Build v0.5.8a

- Dissolved ragdolls float higher now
- Fixed some unintentional dissolving death outcomes
- Fixed being able to shove NPCs in script
- Equipment kits now uses default maps on all maps. Specific maps has priority
- Kicking a solid Equipment kit will stumble NPCs
- Fixed unable to punch after map transition
- Naming convention changed to vX.X.X rather than vX.XX. So version is now v0.5.8a
- Equipment Kits now support wildcard maps
- Fixed Airboat going nuts
- Fixed Zombine being unshoveable
- Fixed CombineE/SG/P being unshoveable
- Fixed a looooot of stuff I can't remember what anymore
- Cleaned up a lot of files that aren't in use
- Support returned for HL2 Barney/Mossman/Orangebox Vorts

EFFECTS (Thanks GeneralEcchi)
- New gib effects
- New headshot effects

- Base Implementation
- Has most of instant_trig support
- RemoveEntity
- Precache
- Labeled Groups
- weapon_physgun and weapon_clipboard added
- Some mapadds by BIZ

- sm_mapadd_getentitylocation
- sm_mapadd_getplayerlocation
- sm_mapadd_show_triggerbounds
- sm_mapadd_show_printout
- .move
- .rotate
- .sequence
- givemapaddtools
- sm_use_barney_hl2_model
- sm_use_mossman_hl2_model
- sm_use_vortigaunt_classic_model


v0.5.7a -- 2021.02.21

-npc_equipment_kits 2.0 added.
-Basically a merger between smod's npc_shieldset and my previous npc_equipment_kits
-This time it's split into two text files, npc_equipment.txt and npc_equipment_kits.txt
-Supports classname and targetname
-Not much of a tutorial, but see the text files for examples on how to use them
-In the text files there are many examples of how to use them and what parameters that can be set. Do look through those!
-Try them out yourself, fiddle with the script. See models/sourceenthusiast/ for more models of equipment kits

-Base implementation of weapon_custom added
-Polished weapon recoil
-SMG1 stats now editable

-Updated bsmodittachments.mdl
-Updated many attachments relative to female/male bodies
-Gave universal attachments to humanoids (eg. forward, eyes, LHand, RHand)
-Classic SMOD Dissolve returned with some refinements
-Fixed brain gibs spawning blood away from itself
-npc_replace_model.txt now allows specification of female/male models.
eg. "npc_citizen;f" means Female. Males use m.
-Fixed NPC bullet spread
-Fixed NPC shooting NPCs on deathanimation and ragdolls

-sm_citizen_refugee_as_rebel; To prevent clipping with equipment kits, game uses refugee models and rebels instead
-sm_npc_enable_equipmentkits; Enables equipment kits to apply on NPCs

-SourceEnthusiast; for providing so many assets for equipment kits.
-Luc1dox; for helping flesh out some features for equipment kits.


v0.5.6a -- 2021/01/29

- Fixed Gordon kick on ragdolls (should behave more like smod now).
- Added sprint for suitless Gordon.
- Fixed player still able to attack after death.
- Fixed sm_gordon_kickfirerate command.
- Added Powerstomp feature; Do a super jump to power stomp on the ground/enemies.

- Restored citizen yakyak gestures.
- Restored citizen betrayal speech.

- Zombies will no longer do jiu jitsu.
- Fixed Zombies double hand attack damage (Valve used the wrong code).
- Zombies blood is default red unless headshotted then its yellow.
- Fixed Zombies not gibbing.
- Fixed Headcrabs not getting shot off.
- Fixed Torsos and Legs not spawning.

- Fixed zombies being able to hang.

- Fixed props that ragdoll, giving out blood on collision.
- Fixed corpses not spawning.
- Fixed raggib spawns.
- Reduced the number of damage taken in a deathanimation to ragdoll.
- Shoving an NPC at a door will swing it open.
- Reduced ragdoll shove kill force.
- Fixed shove animations resetting when players are touching NPCs on shove.
- Fixed sm_airboat_noflip command.
- NPCs will sometimes shoot the corpses after killing them.
- Updated keyboard key listing.
- Added NPC fall damage sounds.
- Unlocks all chapters on game start.

- Cleaned up female/male gestures + animations.
- Separated NPC attachments into a different file called bsmodittachments.mdl. This file is used to customise your own attachments on NPCs for the upcoming equipment_kits.
- Polished NPC reloads, recoil for both male and female skeletons for SMG1.



v0.5.5a -- 2021/01/24

- Reduced npc_metropolice melee attack interval (cops were on roids back then).
- Polished up NPC melee. NPC unarmed combat now has light attacks (fists) and heavy attacks (kick).
- Light attacks have a small chance to stumble an enemy, while heavy will always stumble.
- Reduced NPC kick speed.
- NPC unarmed combat kills actually apply correct forces to dead bodies now.
- NPCs on deathanimation will flinch when attacked, and will ragdoll if taken too much damage.
- Added flinches again; Improved Flinch handling.
- Added custom recoils to NPCs for SMG1 and AR2 (for now).

- DMG_CLUB will not trigger death animations anymore (This means most melee weapons, as well as NPC unarmed combat).
- Cleaned up bsmodimations_male.mdl.
- Cleaned up a bit of bsmodigesures_male.mdl (will continue to do so next patch).
- Added CS:S TMP reload support.
- Switched AnimPrefix of SMG1 to "TMP".

- Fixed an apparent 2 year old bug with shove that nobody noticed :X.
- Fixed backward shotgun deathanimation not playing.
- Fixed NPCs that are special not having blood/gibs (Kleiner, Alyx etc...).
- Fixed Stalker not having blood/gibs.
- Fixed a bug with some NPCs ragdoll unable to bleed/gib.

- NPC will hang on a ledge when shoved off of it.
- Allied NPCs will try to save hanging NPCs.
- Use sm_experiment 1 to activate (MALE ONLY).



v0.5.4a -- 2020/01/17

- Mod no longer needs "upcoming" on Source SDK 2013 Singleplayer. Please set beta back to "none". (Thanks Zoldat)

- Kick sound returned.
- Additional kick features (kick door/ammo crate/unfreezephysics) returned.

- Fixed a small bug with NPCs turning when taking damage.
- Fixed the falling bug on NPCs when they aren't falling.
- Fixed npc_replace_model and added support to all humanoids for now.
- This also stops NPCs from being in the ground and not being able to play their scripts.

- Can now spawn odessa via npc_odessa
- Can now spawn medics via npc_citizen_medic
- Can now spawn ammo resupply via npc_citizen_ammo
- Can now spawn rebels via npc_citizen_rebel
- Can now spawn downtrodden via npc_citizen_downtrodden
- Can now spawn refugees via npc_citizen_refugee
- npc_metropolice won't attempt to pull out a pistol anymore if he doesn't have one.
- npc_odessa can be used uniquely in npc_replace_model.txt
- Can now spawn Elite via npc_combine_e
- Can now spawn Prisonguard via npc_combine_p
- Can now spawn Shotgunner via npc_combine_sg
- NPC melee for some NPCs restored. Needs a cleanup, but for now this will have to do.
- NPCs can drop weapon_citizenpackage on death.
- Increased Breen/Eli/Kleiner/Magnusson's health to 40.
- NPCs killed by prop punts and physics objects do not play deathanimations.


v0.5.3a -- 2020/01/14

- Fixed NPCs falling while having rappel waiting animation.
- Brain gibs float in water.
- Improved NPC detection of a ledge when shoved.
- Fixed NPCs killed by Fall Damage bouncing up.
- Improved NPCs falling detection.
- Fixed cardboard boxes being spies.
- Fixed vortigaunt deathanimations not playing.
- npc_replace_model returned.


v0.5.2a -- 2021.01.13

- Ragdoll options returned.
- Deathanimations restored.
- NPC shove now uses octagonal directions for a much more accurate shove direction. This makes it easier to control where you want NPCs to move.
- NPC shove into wall restored.
- NPC animation when shoved with a weapon restored (NPC with weapons scripts that has "AnimPrefix" set to pistol or crowbar will not play this animation).
- NPC killed will also pass his name to the weapon he's holding. Eg. Bob dies, his dropped weapon name is now "Bob_weapon".
- NPC fall damage restored, with some polishing to fall damage and improved handling.
- Able to kick NPCs off edges restored, improved handling.
- Kicking an NPC into another NPC will cause the second NPC to stumble too lmao.

- sm_npc_has_deathanimation returned.
- sm_npc_has_deathanimation_headshot returned.


v0.5.1a -- 2021/01/10

- Headshot gibs now spouts only brain gibs.
- Ragdoll gibbing restored.
- Improved handling of ragdoll gibbing.
- Improved raggib velocities.
- Raggibs that spawn in the ground will delete itself to prevent crashing.
- npc_gib_model.txt now supports "targetname". Named ragdolls will gib according to script.
- Added "Health" and "CollisionType" to ent_text for ragdolls, gib2 and raggibs.
- NPCs with names, will pass their name onto ragdoll, with _corpse. Eg, Bob dies, Bob's ragdoll is named "Bob_corpse".
- Ragdolls with names, will pass their name onto gibs. Eg, Bob_corpse when gibbed, his gibs will be named "Bob_corpse_gibs". Targetname gibbed ragdolls will know what to do.
- No gib effects at the moment.
- Foundation for NPC additional actions added.
- Primitive kick shove restored.
- Added subtitles (lol).
- Renamed some soundscripts in game_sounds_bsmod.txt.
- Renamed some sound files.

- sm_ragdoll_takefalldamage; Allows ragdolls to take damage from falling impact
- sm_ragdoll_physforce properly scales damage force now.
- sm_gore_gibhealth changed to sm_ragdoll_health (classic SMOD command)
- sm_gore_gib_health added; specify gib2/raggib healthpoints before breaking. Set -1 for unbreakable.
- sm_ragdoll_health; specify ragdoll health. Set -1 for unbreakable.
- sm_gore_gib_collisiontype; specify gib2/raggib collisiontype
- sm_gore_gib_candestroy removed; Use sm_gore_gib_health instead

I was playing around with ragdoll convulsions and I realised that you can create a quite a bit of cool convulsions, from classic SMOD to twitches to gasping for life (gotta use a little imagination). So I setup some commands to customise your own convulsions:

- sm_ragdoll_convulsion_strength; Base strength of the convulsion
- sm_ragdoll_convulsion_magnitude; Max magnitude of convulsions, will decrease overtime
- sm_ragdoll_convulsion_interval; Max intervals between convulsions
- sm_ragdoll_convulsion_startdelay; Max seconds before starting
- sm_ragdoll_convulsion_amplifyscale; Amplify the whole thing
- sm_ragdoll_convulsion_length; Max length of convulsion


v0.50a -- 2021/01/07

- Punch.
- Block.
- Added suit/suitless model.
- Gib2 added + cleanup.
- Ragdoll cleanup.
- Raggib added + cleanup (Cleanup uses ragdoll).
- StickyGibs added + cleanup (Cleanup uses gib2).
- ShootingRange Map.
- Foundation for NPCs.
- NPCs gore gibs spawn (bones and brain gibs).
- Improved sticky gib detection.
- Improved ragdoll convulsuion.

- g_gib2_maxcount
- g_debug_gib2_removal
- g_ragdoll_maxcount has been changed to be permanent instead of temp